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The Critical Care Suit is designed to offer comfort for dogs and cats during treatment, with specialized features to aid veterinarians and their furry patients in their recovery process.

Indications of Use

Size Chart

The size of the PetVet Wear® should be measured from the collar to the base of the tail.

The following measurements represent the size of the dog and do not reflect the actual length of the garment.
If pet measurement falls in between two sizes, we recommend using the next larger size.

​Size: Body Length: Recommended for *:
0 up to 11" Puppy / Chihuahua / Miniature Breeds
1 11" - 13" Puppy / Yorkshire / Chihuahua
2 13" - 15" Miniature Schnauzer / Toy Poodles / Miniature Pinscher
3 15" - 17" French Bulldog / Fox Terrier
4 17" - 19" Cocker Spaniel / Beagle
5 19" - 22" Schnauzers / Bearded Collie
6 22" - 24" Bull Terrier / Large Münsterländer
7 24" - 27" Basset / Labrador
8 27" - 30" Dalmatian / Irish Setter
9 30" - 32" Greyhound / Afghan Hound / Husky
10 32" - 35" Borzoi / German Shepherd / Rottweiler
11 35" - 40" Mastiff / St. Bernard / Great Dane

How To Wear

Step 1: Open the Velcro straps at the bottom and around the neck.

Step 2: Gather the entire vestment like an accordion up to the neck. Then slide the vestment over the pet’s head.

Step 3: Pull the front legs through the front opening in the vestment.

Step 4: Pull the suit back over the pet’s body.

Step 5: Close the Velcro straps around the neck and back legs, adjusting them to the pet's size.

Step 6: Adjust the collar and make sure the genitalia is free and well accommodated. Pay special attention that the male hygienic opening is well-positioned, with the genitalia free and the stitches covered.

Step 7: The pet is ready for a safe and comfortable recovery!

Care Instructions:

• Always turn inside out for washing;
• Close all Velcro before washing;
• Using a laundry bag is recommended;
• Do not put the PetVet Wear® in the dryer;
• Do not iron;
• Do not use bleach or other chemicals to clean it;
• Preferably use baby laundry detergents.




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Indications of Use
PetVet Wear ®

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