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Post-Operative Care For Your Pet After Spay or Neutering

Your pet has been through major surgery and in order to have a healthy and fast recovery, they will need the utmost care and love from you. Spaying includes removing the female animal’s whole reproductive system, including ovaries. Meanwhile, neutering includes the removal of the male’s testes. PetVet Wear provides a safe and comfortable recovery, but it is important to pay attention to your pet’s needs and behavior.

Post-Operative Care

Your pet needs a few days to recover and might need immense care to heal faster and effectively. It is important to always follow the veterinary’s advice on how to care for your furry friend in this delicate time.

 1. The First 24hrs Post-Surgery

It is important to provide a safe, quiet place for your pet to feel at ease and recover fast. It is essential to take a keen note of your pet’s behavior. Make sure your pet is comfortable and resting, making recovery easier as the anesthesia’s effect wears off. After the operation, their appetite may be reduced; however, it is important to provide smaller meals and make sure it stays fed and hydrated

2. Two Weeks After The Surgery

Make sure your pet is not hyperactive to allow for a faster recovery. Excessive jumping and running might lead to increased swelling and interfere with the stitches. The incision must be dry; however, a little amount of blood and swelling might be normal, as any kind of water interaction may lead to an increased span of recovery. Another factor that commonly needs immense attention is that the pet must not scratch, lick, or chew the incision. For this, use PetVet Wear to make the stitches inaccessible for the pet. Moreover, it will aid in easier monitoring and are quite comfortable for the pets to sleep, move, and do their daily needs, without the need of the owner’s constant care and vigilance.

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