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Stress in Cats and Dogs: A Common Problem That Can Be Solved Effectively

Over the last few decades, we humans have started recognizing mental health problems such as stress and have worked out ways to tackle them. Alongside us humans, our cats and dogs can also undergo stress sometimes and can be severely affected by it.

Stress is most common amongst cats and dogs when they undergo operations and surgeries. The pain and irritation caused by these surgeries are what stresses them out the most, which is why it is essential to first identify whether your pet is under stress and then take the necessary steps to help them relieve it.

How to Identify that your Cat or Dog is Under Stress?

Animals, like us humans, are different from one another; thus, they react differently when stressed. After a visit to the vet, you need to keep a check on them and notice their behavior. If they do things such as licking, shaking, panting, scratching, and yawning excessively, then it is a sign that they might be under stress.

How can Stress be Dangerous for Your Cat or Dogs in the Recovery Phase?

Stress is common in cats and dogs when they undergo the recovery period after surgery or operation. However, if the stress continues longer than usual, it can negatively affect your pet’s health and recovery period. This prolonged post-surgery stress can cause them to have several different problems, including depression, panting, and bad digestion.

How Do Post-Operative Recovery Wear Helps Relieve Stress After Operations?

Soon after operations and surgeries, most vet clinics suggest you equip your pet with an E-collar. While the E-collar may be effective and stops the pet from touching the affected area, it can also be harmful in many ways, such as increased stress due to discomfort, anxiety, and impaired mobility. This makes PetVet Wear the best option since the suit will perfectly cover the affected areas while allowing your pet to move, sleep, and eat freely and comfortably, thus offering them (and the owner) a much easier and peaceful recovery period.

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